Mum urges parents to “trust their instincts”

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A woman who was dismissed as a “nervous first-time mum” and prescribed anxiety medication when she took her baby to a GP with serious concerns about his symptoms is sharing her story to raise awareness.

Tessa Crane’s son, Oscar, was diagnosed with a grade 2 choroid plexus papilloma and a build-up of excess brain fluid, known as hydrocephalus, at just eight months old in April 2018. 

Before Oscar was diagnosed, Tessa said her son displayed symptoms including crying non-stop, a swollen head, bulging eyes and vomiting. She took Oscar to the doctor 18 times in one month but was told she was a nervous first-time mum and given medication for anxiety. It was only after Tessa took him to A&E that Oscar’s brain tumour was discovered.

Now five, Oscar has undergone 11 brain surgeries but he has been left with permanent brain damage, as well as autism, developmental delays and decreased muscle tone known as hypotonia.

This Mother’s Day, Tessa is sharing her story to “empower parents to trust their instincts”.

She said: “The four months Oscar spent on a children’s cancer ward opened my eyes to this disease and made me want to do all I can to raise awareness of it. The fact there’s still no cure for it amazes me and it’s so wrong that treatments for brain tumours haven’t changed in years.

“I’m keen for more people to understand brain tumours and their symptoms, including medical professionals, and I want to empower parents to trust their instincts. If, like me, you believe there’s something wrong with your child, don’t give up – you know them best and you know if they’re not themselves.”

Today, we’re thinking of all the families affected by this devastating disease. However you are spending this Mother’s Day, whether you’re remembering a loved one or spending it with someone living with a brain tumour, our thoughts are with you.


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