Can you claim Gift Aid on my Facebook and Offline Donations?

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In order for Brain Tumour Research to claim Gift Aid on donations to your Facebook Fundraiser, we need you to encourage your donors to tick the Gift Aid option when making their donation to your fundraising page – if they are eligible. They’ll then be prompted to enter their details by Facebook which will allow Brain Tumour Research to claim Gift Aid on their behalf.

Any cash donations that you collect throughout your challenge should be listed on a Brain Tumour Research Sponsorship Form which you can find in your digital fundraising pack here: xxxxxxx

The key information we need in order to be able to claim Gift Aid is the name of the taxpayer, house number and postcode. Unfortunately, we can’t claim Gift Aid on group donations – it has to be from an individual. You can send your completed sponsorship form to us via post at the end of your challenge. Alternatively, a scanned copy or photo of the sponsorship form is also fine provided we can easily read the above details. 

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