The Brain Tumour Research Fifth Annual Research Workshop

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The Brain Tumour Research fifth annual researcher workshop is taking place today with nearly 50 researchers attending from our three Research Centres of Excellence, as well as the BRAIN UK tissue banking facility.

It is the first in-person workshop for a number of years due to the pandemic, and is set to be an exciting event. The two-day meeting will host talks from each of our Centres, flash talks from early-career researchers, poster presentations and a dinner speech from Jill Kenton on her experience as a meningioma patient.

We will also hear how to translate lab-based science into clinical trials, and learn more about the two initiatives that we have recently funded with partners Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission, and brainstrust.

Through this meeting we hope to see the Brain Tumour Research-funded scientists furthering their relationship with each other, identifying potential areas of joint interest and collaboration, and also with us as a charity, extending from being focused on research to working with us to fundraise and campaign.

Dr Karen Noble, our Director of Research, Policy and Innovation, said: “This researcher workshop will be a fantastic opportunity for our Brain Tumour Research-funded scientists to get together, discuss their work and hopefully spark new ideas and collaborations. It will be an inspiring event where we will celebrate the achievements of both the charity and the researchers as we continue to work together to accelerate progress towards our mission and goals.”

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