Brain Tumour Conference concludes

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Today is the third and final day of the Cancer Research UK Brain Tumour Conference. This is the second such event and has built on the successful conference held in 2018. Brain Tumour Research was pleased to join international clinicians and researchers in central London to explore how advances in our understanding of neurobiology – from stem cells and developmental origins, to synaptogenesis, neuro-immunology and the tumour microenvironment – are generating opportunities to better stratify patients and develop more targeted, less toxic treatments. 

Also attending were Professors Silvia Marino and Oliver Hanemann from our Queen Mary University of London and University of Plymouth research Centres (they are pictured with Dr Karen Noble, our Director of Research, Policy and Innovation) plus Dr Nel Syed and members of her team from our Imperial College London Centre. 

Dr Noble said: “This has been an opportunity to engage in lively and thought-provoking discussions, to expand our network, and to spark new ideas and collaborations. I was particularly pleased to see the poster presentations from our research centres at this conference, it is an exciting time for UK brain tumour research as we prepare for the announcement of a new Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence later this year.”


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