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Slightly fewer items in this week’s research news update:

12 US medical centres have formed a brain tumour research collaborative and they believe that the group of institutions and researchers that constitute the  “ReMission Alliance Against Brain Tumours” are the largest collective effort focused specifically on advancing safe and effective immunotherapy for children and adults with brain cancer and believe that this type of collaboration will create unprecedented momentum in efforts to improve the lives of those suffering from brain tumours.

News of the initiation of a Phase 1 clinical study of a novel Drug Resistant Immunotherapy (DRI) technology for the treatment of patients with newly-diagnosed glioblastoma here as human clinical study begins at UAB for ground breaking brain tumour treatment.

Greatly improved prognostic accuracy and help in the design of patient-specific treatments for glioblastoma the expectation as radiomics-based MR image analysis found to predict brain tumour prognosis.

A study believes that despite failures, chemotherapy is still a promising intervention against DIPG. It appears that the medicine does reach DIPG tissue in good quantities and has the potential to be effective against the tumour but the reason chemotherapy has been ineffective against DIPG is most likely the fact that we haven't found the right chemotherapy yet.

Finally, an easy to read piece that you may find interesting  Neuroscience research: 6 fascinating findings it concludes “Although we do not know what the future holds, we can guarantee it will be exciting” – I think at this time we would all agree with the first part of that sentence.

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