Honouring the legacy of Dame Tessa Jowell

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A new film celebrates the life of Dame Tessa Jowell on the third anniversary of her death from a brain tumour.

The Tessa Jowell Foundation has launched the film to honour her life and legacy, and to help raise funds to support the network of Tessa Jowell Centres of Excellence for patient care.

Tessa Jowell Centre of Excellence status recognises the delivery of outstanding care and treatment by NHS staff in their efforts to provide above excellent patient care through a difficult time. The announcement of the first nine Centres was made earlier this year.

Funds raised by the Tessa Jowell Foundation will support these fellowships, the expansion of precision medicine within the network and the Tessa Jowell Academy, a national platform allowing hospitals to share knowledge and best-practice to improve their service. This will enable the Centres to accelerate the delivery of best possible practice to patients all over the country.

Our Chief Executive Sue Farrington Smith MBE, who sits on the Steering Group of the Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission, said: “This is a wonderful celebration of Dame Tessa Jowell’s life and legacy three years after she sadly lost her fight. In her final months, Tessa devoted herself to passionately campaigning for improvements in brain tumour treatment, care and survival for all patients. She was a remarkable woman and this is a testament to her legacy and memory.”

Click here to watch the video.

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