Charities continued to speak with One Cancer Voice on behalf of patients

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There are stark headlines today suggesting more than 400,000 people could miss out on an early cancer diagnosis over the next ten years.

It’s being put down to “persistent failures” to address shortages in the NHS and the warning comes from the group One Cancer Voice, a collection of more than 50 cancer charities including Brain Tumour Research.

The group has submitted its views in response to a call from the Government to inform Health Secretary Sajid Javid’s 10-year Cancer Plan. The group has set out 10 tests which it says must be met if the cancer plan is to be successful in delivering world-leading and transformative change.

Among these tests, and crucial to our mission here at Brain Tumour Research, is the need to increase clinical research capacity with health service staff having access to dedicated research time and training. We also want to see many more patients given the opportunity to participate in clinical trials.

Along with other members of One Cancer Voice, we also want to see:

  • Clear political leadership for the 10-year Cancer Plan and that it is fully costed and funded throughout its lifetime
  • More cancers being prevented
  • Progress towards early diagnosis is improved so that 78% of people are diagnosed at stage one or stage two.

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