Brain Tumour Research Centre Leads get together for collaborative talks

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On Tuesday this week, the Lead Researchers at our four Centres of Excellence spent the day with our leadership team to plan the next stages of our unique centre-based strategy.

Professor Silvia Marino, current President of the British Neuro-Oncology Society, spoke passionately about the pioneering work on glioblastoma currently being undertaken by her team at our Research Centre at Queen Mary University of London.

Taking up the mantle for patients diagnosed with a low-grade tumour, Professor Oliver Hanemann (recently elected to the scientific committee of EANO) shared the world-leading progress being made at the University of Plymouth, most notably on tumour initiation and meningioma.

Renowned for his world-leading work on the blood-brain barrier, Professor Geoff Pilkington, our Centre Lead at the University of Portsmouth, updated the group on his team’s vital drug repurposing work, while Consultant Neurosurgeon, Kevin O’Neill, a key figure in the BBC TV documentary 'Hospital', focused on surgical developments at Charing Cross hospital.

The results that our Centre Leads are accumulating will further enable them to apply for the funding opportunities recently announced by the National Institute for Health Research and Cancer Research UK, and will bring additional national investment into the brain tumour research arena.

What was stressed, and is of vital importance, is our desire to keep the brain tumour community fully in the loop when it comes to the latest research breakthroughs - so please keep checking the research pages on our website and keep up-to-date with our latest news updates.

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