Brain tumour actor back on stage tonight

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An actor and brain tumour patient is starring in her own one-woman show about her brain tumour experience.

The Glad Game opens tonight at the Nottingham Playhouse and tells Phoebe Frances Brown’s story of finding herself in the bleakest of times and of discovering gladness in the saddest of moments.

The play, which Phoebe began writing whilst in hospital recovering from brain surgery, aims to debunk some of the myths around what life is like for people, particularly young people, living with cancer. It is about a life lived with cancer, but also about creating the life you want in the most difficult of circumstances. There are plans for it to tour in Autumn 2021 and Spring 2022, supported by charity partner Brain Tumour Research.

Phoebe was diagnosed with a large, grade 3 astrocytoma in 2018 after experiencing symptoms, including headaches and tiredness. The incurable tumour is in the area of her brain which controls speech, language and memory. Despite going through surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, Phoebe has continued to forge a successful career on the stage.

She said: “I wanted to write and perform a play about life being stranger than fiction; that even after receiving the most devastating news, there’s still hilarity and joy to be had. There are still things to be glad about.”

The Glad Game will also be recorded as a digital edition, available to rent and watch on demand. Find out more:

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