360° video gives virtual tour of Plymouth Research Centre

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An interactive video launched today gives viewers a virtual walk around our Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence at The University of Plymouth.

The video’s creator and producer Rachael White, Digital Marketing Manager at Brain Tumour Research, said: “This is a special lab tour that lets you explore the lab virtually. It’s as if you were on a real lab tour without having to leave home! The viewer is in control and can find out more about different areas in the lab, what individual scientists are focusing on and the pieces of research equipment necessary to conduct cutting edge research, as they navigate their way around the lab using their mouse.”

The Principal Investigator at our Plymouth Centre, Professor Oliver Hanemann, said: “The team were really happy to get involved to support this project and, although some were a bit camera shy to begin with, we are all very pleased with the end video and the ability it has given us to share our research with the Brain Tumour Research supporters who are helping to fund this vital work.”

This innovative, intriguing and informative piece of videography can now be seen on the Brain Tumour Research website here.

Rachael has written a blog about the project’s genesis, production and delivery which you can read here.

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