Danny Clarke

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Using their credibility and stature, they raise valuable awareness, open doors to new opportunities and connections, and help with our fundraising and campaigning activities. They give up their precious time in order to set an example that people can follow.

Of course, and as you can appreciate, these ambassadors are incredibly busy individuals and we are very careful about the amount of times we pull on their generosity.

We ask our patrons and celebrities to get involved in key national events or to act as a spokesperson on our behalf.

Danny Clarke

Celebrity Supporter
Danny Clarke, known to BBC TV viewers as The Instant Gardener, is the face of our Wear a Flower Week campaign.  In 2018 Danny asked people to take a leaf from his book and to embrace their love of colour by wearing buttonholes and donating to the cause.

Danny‘s sister Margot McLellan died of a brain tumour, leaving a husband and young daughter.  “I want to do what I can to help the charity Brain Tumour Research so patients like Margot aren’t left with zero treatment options and their families aren’t forced to watch them suffer like she did.”
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