Welsh Government host brain tumour debate

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Yesterday the Welsh Government (The Senedd) held a short debate on “Why Wales needs a strategic plan to prioritise brain tumour research” which was hosted by Peter Fox MS (Member of the Senedd).

This debate was a direct result of the awareness event we held in Cardiff last month, which on that occasion was supported by Mike Hedges MS.

Mr Fox’s opening statement was heavily inspired by the findings of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Brain Tumours’ Report Pathway to a Cure but clearly angled toward a Welsh political audience. We were very pleased to have worked closely with Mr Fox on this and thank him for his kind words when saying “I would like to commend the charity for the sterling work it does, day in, day out, in raising vital awareness surrounding brain cancer”.

The statement contained his own experience too as his mother was lost to a brain tumour and as he said “we know that the tumour robbed her of at least 10 years”.

Mr Fox concluded: “The time for inaction is over. Our next actions could make a huge difference to those diagnosed and their families.”

Other interventions and personal stories were shared by MSs and special mention was made of Aaron Wharton who passed away last month aged seven.

It was then time for the Minister for Health and Social Services of Wales Eluned Morgan MS to respond to the debate and, although she didn’t commit to the meeting with stakeholders as requested by Mr Fox preferring to focus more on wider cancer treatments and research in Wales, she did say: “I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to discuss this issue with you today to highlight the importance of brain cancer research for us as a Government, and to give you a clear idea of its role in the context of the cancer research strategy and in the broader research environment here in Wales.”

This provides us with encouragement to take our engagement with The Senedd to the next level.

You can watch the full debate here.

Peter Fox is pictured with Hugh Adams from Brain Tumour Research at last month’s awareness raising event

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