Danielle Harold dedicates award to Brain Tumour Research

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Millions of TV viewers watched as soap actress Danielle Harold picked up a prestigious award last night for her portrayal of a brain tumour patient in BBC’s EastEnders.

Danielle won Best Leading Performer at the British Soap Awards for her work on a storyline which saw her popular character Lola Pearce diagnosed with a glioblastoma (GBM). The accolade comes just a week after Lola’s on-screen death, which left fans heartbroken. 

Accepting her award, Danielle said: “This isn’t for me, this is definitely for every single person that’s worked with me along the way, that’s been directly affected by brain tumours. People who are suffering from brain tumours, their time is so precious to them and even more to me.”

She name-checked our supporter Kylie Weatherby who is living with a terminal diagnosis and with whom she has formed a close bond after they were introduced by us. She concluded her speech by thanking the audience and said: “Brain Tumour Research you deserve this.”

Our Head of PR and Communications Sue Castle-Smith (pictured with Danielle) has been working with the BBC on the storyline since last summer. She said: “Huge congratulations to Danielle and everyone at EastEnders for their sensitive portrayal of a patient’s diagnosis, treatment and death from a terminal brain tumour. As the leading voice of the brain tumour community, we were pleased to help shape this important story. It has been a tremendous opportunity to raise awareness of this devastating disease. Lola’s story is sadly a reality for too many people. Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer. We are determined to change this.”

Watch Danielle accept her award here.

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