Betsy’s book of positivity

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A nine-year-old brain tumour patient has written a book featuring powerful lessons about positivity, kindness and hope – with a foreword by broadcaster Fearne Cotton.

Betsy Griffin was diagnosed with a low-grade optic nerve glioma at the age of two. The youngster, who is now blind, endured 18 months of chemotherapy before having a biopsy and going on targeted treatment, which she remains on today. She also requires lifelong hormone replacements.

Betsy underwent a debulking surgery last year and has since had a stable scan, with another due in January.

Betsy’s Out of the Woods is the story of a little girl who gets lost and befriends a dog. As companions, they find their way and are reunited with her family, but not before encountering a host of animals, all of whom have positive lessons to share.

The “feel-good collection of fables” is available to buy in Waterstones and WHSmith, as well as on Amazon. It contains a foreword by broadcaster Fearne Cotton, and is available in print, braille and audio, with Fearne having also recorded the audio version.

Betsy’s mum Rochelle said: “It was really important to make it accessible. There was no point making a book Betsy couldn’t access, or other children like her.”

“It’s like Betsy’s disability has become her superpower. She’s got something about her; she can’t explain it and we can’t either, but it’s there. We’re really proud of her and when we get personal messages saying the book’s helped someone, that means so much.”

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