Scottish Cancer Coalition responds to Covid–19 disruption

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The effects of Covid-19 and the measures taken to slow its progression have caused considerable disruption to the cancer community within Scotland, a community which is coalesced into the Scottish Cancer Coalition (SCC) of which Brain Tumour Research is a proud member.

Since the lockdown came into force the Coalition has provided an effective response from the third sector. Previously coalition meetings took place on a quarterly basis, however recently the frequency of these meetings has increased. Also the Chair and Secretary of the Coalition are now having weekly meetings with the Scottish Government’s Head of Cancer Strategy. These meetings ensure that each of the patient groups the Coalition members represent can have their concerns and experiences fed directly into the government’s response to the pandemic.

SCC members have also collaborated to produce a patient information leaflet which outlines clearly the services and sources of information each charity is providing during the lockdown.

A link to the leaflet is included in the Scottish Government’s own document COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and Cancer: Information if you are a patient or carer and published on the Voluntary Health Scotland website.

There will be more meetings of the SCC in the coming weeks as we, along with the other members, work to provide up to date, useful and reliable services and information to Scotland’s cancer community.

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