Exposing the financial impact of a brain tumour

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Brain Tumour Research’s latest report, Exposing the financial impact of a brain tumour diagnosis, reveals that the financial impact of a brain tumour diagnosis is more than double that of other cancers. 

Data from our survey highlights that an average household will lose £14,783 per year following a brain tumour diagnosis versus £6,840 for all cancers.

In June this year, we conducted an online survey exploring the financial impact of this devastating disease on patients, carers, their families and friends. 

The report exposes first-hand evidence of the huge financial burden resulting from a brain tumour diagnosis.  

Some other key findings in the report are:

    • Those affected pay nearly an extra £1,000 per year on household bills, with 30% of respondents having to make costly home modifications as a result of their diagnosis
    • Patients are required to surrender their driving licence, leading to a loss of independence and ability to work
    • Brain tumour patients often fall into debt, owing an average of £4,762 

Many patients say the sudden onset of severe financial pressure is almost as distressing as the disease itself. It is impacting on both people’s lives and the wider economy. We believe this needs to be addressed urgently and call on the Government to mitigate the costs experienced by brain tumour patients and their families. 

The report will be submitted to the ongoing Inquiry into the economic and social impacts of brain tumours being run by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Brain Tumours

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