Welcoming our new Fundraising Group

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We are proud to introduce our newest Fundraising Group, Officially Lisa Connell.

Lisa’s brain tumour journey started when she was 28 after she started suffering with double vision, dizziness and was slurring her words. She had been three months pregnant when she first started to feel unwell, but sadly lost the baby.

It was only after several trips to opticians that she was referred to Moorfields Hospital in London and underwent a range of tests. Even then, it was some weeks later she was shocked to discover that the cause of her symptoms was a brain tumour which turned out to be a meningioma.

Lisa underwent Gamma Knife Surgery, a type of stereotactic radiation therapy, and was told she couldn’t have children as meningiomas can grow dramatically in pregnant women due to hormonal change.

Five years later, when the tumour was found to be growing, Lisa underwent surgery to debulk the tumour, but sadly it was only successful in removing around 5%. She had radiotherapy over a six-week period which stabilised the tumour, but Lisa was left with facial spasms which occurred every couple of weeks after the surgery.

On the plus side, Lisa gave birth five years ago to miracle baby Ruby, having ignored the medics’ protestations that she should abort the baby because of the huge risk to her health. Lisa had fallen pregnant despite taking precautions. And after her most recent scan showing the tumour remains stable, Lisa has been moved to having scans every three years.

Lisa said: “I have set up Officially Lisa Connell to raise awareness and more importantly to improve outcomes for brain tumour patients and ultimately find a cure. Please donate whatever you can – I have been lucky so far compared to others. I’m doing this for others and particularly for children diagnosed with brain tumours – I don’t want to see families continuing to be devastated by this cruel disease.”

To support Lisa’s fundraising efforts, please visit her JustGiving page here.

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