Tom Parker book released

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Today sees the release of Tom Parker’s book Hope: My Inspirational Life.

In March 2022, the much-loved pop star, husband and father and son died from an incurable brain tumour.

The book tells his story and is his legacy, in his own words.

After his diagnosis in 2020, Tom become a prominent campaigner for brain cancer research, and Brain Tumour Research was proud to facilitate his meeting with the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Brain Tumours (APPGBT) Derek Thomas MP and his addressing the group at their December meeting.

Throughout everything that happened to him, Tom had hope. This inspirational memoir shows how far hope and daring to dream can carry you, no matter what cards you're dealt.

As Tom said: “This is not a book about dying: it's a book about living. It's a book about finding hope in whatever situation you're dealt, and living your best life no matter what.”

On the day that the book released we spoke with Tom’s widow Kelsey who told us.

“Thank you so much to the brain tumour community for all of your support for Tom throughout his illness and now as we promote his book.  It was Tom’s dream to have a no 1 best-selling book because he knew the power of bringing attention to brain tumours and the devastating impact decades of under-funding is having on those affected by the disease.  Tom lived with hope and we will continue to push for better research and treatment so that those diagnosed can have more hope of a more positive outcome.“

You can purchase a copy of the book online: 

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