Supporters ready for #SquatJumpChallenge

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The countdown is on and hundreds of supporters are preparing for our 100 Squats or Star Jumps a Day in November Challenge.

Amongst them is brain tumour patient Tina Papworth (pictured), who has been left blind in one eye following surgery to remove a sphenoid wing meningioma. Despite being only eight weeks post-op, Tina is planning to do a combination of squats and star jumps for her month-long challenge.

She said: “I intend to do some wearing silly hats and costumes I’ve bought so I’m quite excited about it and am just going to try and give people a reason to dig deep into their pockets.”

Meanwhile Emma Williams is getting involved after her four-year-old daughter Peggy was diagnosed with a meningioma. It’s Emma’s second Facebook challenge after she raised more than £1,000 by doing 10,000 Steps a Day in February earlier this year.

“We feel lucky that Peggy’s tumour is low-grade, although that isn’t to say that she may not need further treatment as she gets older,” said Emma.

Scarlett Scorgie says she is “excited” but “a bit nervous” about her challenge. Her motivation is her eight-year-old niece Layla Miller, who was diagnosed with two low-grade pilocytic astrocytomas in February last year.

Scarlet added: “My sister’s really happy I’m taking on this challenge and was one of the first to sponsor me for it. As a family, we’re trying to do as much as we can to raise money in the hope of helping others in the same situation we were.”

Time is running out to join and get involved! To register, simply join our Facebook Group and complete this short form. When you get your first donation, you’ll receive an emoji t-shirt and printed tracker. Plus, if you can raise £274 (or more), you’ll get a special medal too.

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