Supporters nearing end of our summer Facebook challenges

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With just over a week to go until the end of our Cycle 274 Miles and Swim Challenge in August, supporters across the UK are counting down the final days of their month-long fundraisers.

Amongst those who have gone the extra length to help find a cure is Ellie Harris, who was diagnosed with a hypothalamic chiasmatic glioma in 2004, at the age of just 11 months. Ellie now has learning difficulties, is blind in one eye and only has 10% vision in her other eye.

Ellie (pictured with her dad Luke) has proven to be an unstoppable fundraiser and her Swim Challenge in August has already raised more than £1,200! You can support her by clicking here.

Marilyn, who is also taking part in the challenge, said: “Before she lost her vision, Ellie was a really good swimmer, but she hasn’t swum since before COVID, but she is absolutely smashing it. She’s been doing around 30 lengths each time which is incredible. I’ve been amazed at how well she’s doing and I’m so proud of her.”

Meanwhile, Helen Green is pedalling her way to the end of her Cycle 274 Miles in August Challenge. She’s taking part after she was diagnosed with a meningioma in June 2021. Helen underwent surgery to remove the 6cm tumour and is now monitored with regular scans.

Although she has been left with severe fatigue as a result of the disease, Helen says her diagnosis changed her perspective on life: “I feel like the luckiest person on the planet that I am still here and I have been given a voice to fight for a cure for those who have lost theirs. I was given this tumour to help make a difference.”

You can support Helen’s fundraising by clicking here.


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