Son’s special gift from dad lost to brain tumour

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A young boy has received a heart-warming gift  -  a  book written by his dad who died from an aggressive brain tumour.

Aria Nikjooy was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma in November 2018, and underwent surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In March 2020, he relapsed and had a second brain surgery. Devastatingly, a second recurrence came in July 2020, resulting in further treatment and Aria died on 8th February 2021, aged 30, leaving his wife Naomi and son Eliyas.

Aria had turned to writing as part of his therapy. His first children’s book, Eddie and the Magic Healing Stone, introduced the subject of parental illness in a child-friendly way. He also wrote a memoir titled Broken Brain: Brutally Honest, Brutally Me, which was published by his family in March 2021.

Now, Aria’s second children’s book, written during the final weeks of his life, has been published. Aimed at three to seven-year-olds, Eddie and the Last Dodo on Earth is a story about family, love and personal loss. It tackles the difficult subject of grief while conveying a positive message about the power of family relationships.

Naomi said: “We are so delighted to be publishing Aria’s last children’s book. It came as a surprise that he had written this one, as he was so poorly at the time. But he kept strong and kept going, in the knowledge that it would help others.”

To buy a copy of Eddie and the Last Dodo on Earth, go to:

Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to Brain Tumour Research, Royal Medical Foundation, Royal Medical Benevolent Fund, and Society for Assistance of Medical Families.

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