Patient left deaf in one ear shares story during awareness week

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A woman who has raised thousands of pounds for Brain Tumour Research is sharing her story of living with the life-changing effects of the disease.

Following her diagnosis with an acoustic neuroma in 2005, Maggie McMartin (pictured with her daughter Mairi) underwent surgery to remove the tumour. She says the operation was a “disaster” as the surgeon cut through some nerves which meant the left side of her face drooped and her eye wouldn’t shut.

Maggie, who was now deaf in her left ear, is sharing her story during Deaf Awareness Week to raise awareness of this devastating disease.

Acoustic neuroma is a sub-type of schwannoma that occurs in the inner ear, wrapping around the vestibular (auditory) nerve, situated in the inner ear. Almost all are classified as grade 1 and symptoms can include tinnitus and hearing loss.

Since 2012, Maggie has been raising money for Brain Tumour Research by taking part in Wear A Hat Day. To date, she has raised more than £7,000 to help find a cure.

Maggie said: “It took me a long time to accept what had happened to me, but my family tell me my face is my badge of honour.

“There’s not enough awareness of brain tumours and it is vital that more research is done to find a cure for this horrible disease.”

You can support Maggie’s latest fundraiser by clicking here.


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