Over £1 million invested into pioneering low-grade brain tumour research

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Yesterday we welcomed a group of dedicated supporters and activists at our dedicated Research Centre of Excellence at the University of Plymouth

Led by Professor Oliver Hanemann, the Centre is Europe’s leading institution for research into low-grade brain tumours.

The team there is focusing on meningiomas and schwannomas, which are two common brain tumours.

At present, there are no drugs approved to treat either of these types of tumour. Patients have only surgery and radiotherapy as their treatment options and these are not always effective, or even possible, depending on the location of the tumour within the brain.

"Our aim is to find new biomarkers and drugs for low-grade tumours and to get these into the clinic as soon as possible.” – Professor Oliver Hanemann.

Our pioneering partnership with the University of Plymouth is now is now in its fifth year and has seen funding of over £220,000 being granted for 2018/19, bringing the total to-date to over £1.2 million.

In common with all of our Centres, we conduct a quinquennial (five-year) review of research progress made during our funding period. These reviews are carried out by an international team of expert peer reviewers. For our University of Plymouth centre, this will take place in autumn 2019.

We look forward to continuing our support for this vital work whilst encouraging the Centre to achieve further external funding to help them to build on the crucial foundation blocks we have laid.

We will be reporting back on the progress and discoveries being made at Plymouth, what implications this could have for new and improved treatments for low grade brain tumour patients, and in bringing us closer to a cure for brain tumours.

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