Our dad’s brain tumour turned him into a “giant”

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A father-of-four whose brain tumour caused him to grow 12 inches in height and go up four shoe sizes is the inspiration behind a whacky Wear A Hat Day fundraiser.

Andrew Smith was diagnosed with a pituitary tumour in 2014. His diagnosis came after an excessive six-month growth spurt and a change in personality. Andrew’s youngest daughter Sarah said his growth was “out of control” and he went from a size 11 shoe to a size 15, and from 6ft 5in tall to 7ft 6in.

Andrew’s brain tumour was removed and he was put in an induced coma when he came out of the operation. He can no longer work and gets tired very easily, but the family has been told he is in remission.

Inspired by their father’s brain tumour journey, Sarah and her sister Sharon (pictured) are taking part in Wear A Hat Day on Friday 25th March. They will don clown hats and walk up and down London Bridge to raise awareness.

Sarah said: “It’s a busy area and the hats are very colourful and silly so it should be a fun day. It’s also going to make Dad very proud. He got quite emotional when I told him about it, about us trying to do something to help.”

You can support the siblings’ fundraising by donating to their JustGiving page here.

Do you want to join the hatty fun? There’s still time to register for Wear A Hat Day and plan fundraising events to help us get closer to a cure. Click here to sign up today.


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