On Father’s Day, we are thinking of you

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With one in three people knowing someone affected by a brain tumour, our thoughts are with all those for whom Father’s Day may be difficult.  

Father-of-two Richard Brown’s “entire world turned upside down” when he was diagnosed with a glioblastoma (GBM), just as his daughter Mabel was beating leukaemia. 

Richard (pictured with his wife Holly, Mabel and her older sister Evie) was excited and relieved at the prospect of seeing little Mabel ring the bell at The Royal Marsden Hospital, to signify the end of her leukaemia treatment in August 2022. But when that day came Richard was in another ward of the same hospital receiving radiotherapy for a GBM.  

Holly said: “It is shocking how starkly differently Mabel and Richard’s journeys have been, based on the type of cancer they have. 

“He was told to go away and live the best life he could with whatever time he had left. I cannot believe how ineffective brain tumour treatments are, or that they haven’t changed in over two decades.” 

The family has turned to pioneering immunotherapy treatment in Germany and is desperately fundraising to afford it through their JustGiving campaign, Daddy’s Brain Bug

Holly added: “I have worked relentlessly to change the outcome for Richard. But it should not be this way. With more funding and research into brain tumours, promising treatments, such as immunotherapy, would be available in this country today.” 

Our thanks go to Richard and his family for sharing their story to help raise awareness of this devastating disease.  

Whether you are remembering a loved one today, spending precious time with someone living with a brain tumour or are a father facing a devastating diagnosis, we are keeping you in our thoughts. 

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