New priorities for cancer research in Scotland

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The Scottish Parliament’s  Cross-Party Group on Cancer (CPGC) recently released the results of its inquiry into the priorities for the future of cancer treatment, support and research in Scotland.

This Inquiry was called after the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Health & Sport, Jeane Freeman MSP announced a pause of Scotland’s current cancer strategy, to allow for a refresh of priorities.

Brain Tumour Research submitted evidence to the CPGC’s inquiry and was pleased to see some of our priorities included in the final report.

These included the need for future Scottish cancer strategies to have an explicit focus on improving the survival rates for less survivable cancers, such as brain tumours. We were glad to see the CPGC’s report reference researching new treatments as a means of improving survival rates.

We are also very supportive of the CPGC’s suggestion that less common cancers should be treated at ‘centres of excellence’. Not only does this make sense considering the size of Scotland’s brain tumour patient population, but it is also useful for facilitating research, as things like data/tissue collection and recruitment to clinical trials can more easily be achieved via groups of centralised specialists.


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