Neurosciences and Brain Tumour Research workshop – collaborating to make a difference

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A joint workshop hosted by the Medical Research Council (MRC), British Neuroscience Association and Brain Tumour Research took place in London on 23rd October.

Learning from advances in research into other neurological conditions was a key recommendation of the Department of Health and Social Care Task and Finish Group report into brain tumour research.

The purpose of this Neuroscience workshop was to identify opportunities for the brain tumour and neuroscience communities to work in partnership, with the view that 'Challenges must be seen as opportunities.'

The workshop concluded that new, bold initiatives across funders and charities are needed, in the spirit of the Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission, and that this event was very much part of that collaborative thinking.

We are pleased that our UK-leading campaigning work has led to the development of new collaborations like this event and we see cross-functional neuroscience-alliances as a key area that we will build on. We extend our thanks to all the participants and all of these who helped us organise this event. 

You can read the full list of speakers and topics on our website.

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