Mum pens children’s book to help explain cancer diagnosis

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08 June 2023

A woman who struggled to know how to explain her brain tumour diagnosis to her son has penned a book to help parents facing a similar situation.

Simone Baldwin’s son, Sam, was six when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour shortly after turning 40. Despite working with children as a primary school teacher for more than 20 years, Simone struggled to know how to tell Sam about her shock diagnosis.

She was inspired to write a book to help parents explain a cancer diagnosis to a young child.

Simone (pictured reading the book with grown-up Sam) said: “Several years on and I am doing really well. The surgery removed most of the tumour, and I am now monitored for regrowth. Thankfully my tumour is low-grade, but the damage it caused will permanently affect my daily life.”

A beautifully-illustrated poem, Mummy Has A Lump is aimed at children aged four to eight years, which can be read together as a supportive way to open discussions. The book also includes a description for adults of the author’s own experiences of a brain tumour diagnosis and treatment and how she told her family. 

Simone added: “This book was created to fill the gap I felt existed when I needed to have something with gentle pictures and simple language to help me explain things. I want to wish anyone facing a similar situation all the very best in your journey and I hope this book can help in a small way.”

She has also produced Daddy Has A Lump and a Welsh language version of the book.

Copies can be purchased from Amazon.

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