Join us in celebrating key workers this Wear A Hat Day

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With just three weeks to go until Wear A Hat Day, we’re introducing you to one of the families who know only too well the devastation caused by the disease.

This year, we’re celebrating key workers who have played a pivotal role throughout the coronavirus pandemic. We have worked with key worker families who, despite having their own devastating brain tumour stories, are determined to show the positivity that is being involved in Wear A Hat Day.

GP registrar Naomi Nikjooy lost her husband Aria to a brain tumour on 8th February 2021, aged 30. Aria was working as a trainee paediatric doctor when he was diagnosed with a grade 4 cerebellar medulloblastoma in November 2018, and underwent multiple brain surgeries, as well as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. His latest recurrence came in July 2020 and resulted in a third brain operation and further treatment. Knowing he was facing a stark prognosis, Aria was determined to make a difference by getting involved in Wear A Hat Day alongside Naomi and their three-year-old son, Eliyas.

Naomi said: “Losing Aria is devastating but I know how committed he was to making a difference and that’s driving us to continue raising awareness in his name. I have worked throughout the pandemic, as it was important to me to use my skills to help my patients, whilst still caring for my husband. It has been a struggle at times but I’m happy knowing I helped others whilst still looking after Aria.”

Wherever you are and however you take part – at home, school or work, virtually or in-person where restriction allow, we hope you’ll join in the fun and help us fund the fight.

Please register here and let’s make this the hattiest Wear A Hat Day yet!

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