Huge impact of Tom Parker film – what next?

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Social media is still alive with reaction to last night’s extraordinary and emotional Channel 4 documentary ‘Tom Parker: Inside My Head’. The film recorded Tom’s thoughts, feelings and experiences following his brain tumour diagnosis and up to the reformation of his band The Wanted, at a never-to-be-forgotten show at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Brain Tumour Research, and a number of our supporters, were fortunate to be able to attend this event courtesy of Channel 4.

We also met Tom at Westminster and were very pleased to introduce him to the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Brain Tumours (APPGBT), Derek Thomas MP (pictured).

As Derek wrote on his Facebook page last night: “In the summer I was humbled and privileged to meet with Tom Parker. Tom has been an incredible and timely boost to our work and I’m full of admiration that this is how he chooses to spend each day he is gifted with.”

Tom has expressed a desire to campaign to raise awareness of the need for greater funding into research into brain tumours and was due to speak to the APPGBT at the last meeting of the Group in July. Sadly, he was unwell that day but he has since met with members of the APPGBT, as well as Derek, and we look forward to working with Tom and supporting his lobbying for better research funding.

Tom’s voice has a massive reach, as last night’s film showed. At Brain Tumour Research we will do what we can to amplify that voice to the Parliamentarians who can deliver real change for our community.

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