Groundbreaking report into brain tumour research

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The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has just released a detailed report on brain tumour research in the UK, initiated by our unprecedented 2015 petition where 120,129 signatories demanded more investment in brain tumour research.

Chaired by Professor Chris Whitty, the Department of Health Chief Scientific Adviser, and including clinicians, charities, a patient carer, and officials, the Task and Finish Working Group has spent the last year closely analysing the complex issues around research into brain tumours.

Brain Tumour Research, which has been campaigning on this issue for years and championed the Realf family’s original petition, has played a crucial and leading role in the discussions. The Task and Finish Working Group published their conclusions in a landmark Report today, with recommendations on how to increase the level and impact of research in brain tumours. Significant investment announcements are expected today.

The Task and Finish Report publication is very timely and comes ahead of a Brain Cancer Initiative Roundtable debate, which was convened following a moving speech in the House of Lords by brain tumour patient Baroness Tessa Jowell. Chaired by the Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Baroness Tessa Jowell, the Roundtable also includes our Chief Executive Sue Farrington Smith MBE.

The report is available to read here.

Our Press Release is available here.

(All attendees of the Working Group pictured)

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