Fundraising Groups mark anniversaries

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Two Brain Tumour Research Fundraising Groups are marking the anniversary of the loved one who inspired their work to help find a cure for brain tumours.

Lydia’s Wish remembered Lydia Carfrae-Brohaska yesterday who died two years ago. Lydia was diagnosed, aged 35, with a glioblastoma (GBM) in 2018, after medics originally suspected she had multiple sclerosis. She was born in Yorkshire but was living in Texas at the time.

Her sister Carrie said: “I still find it hard to process her diagnosis. She was a fit, healthy, slim young woman in the prime of her life. She and (her husband) Stu had started trying for a family.”

Despite being able to access pioneering treatment in the US, not currently available here on the NHS, Lydia passed away aged 36. Loved ones in the UK and in America began fundraising for Brain Tumour Research while Lydia was still alive, including family and friends in Wakefield (Lydia’s hometown) who took on a virtual distance Wakefield to Houston walking, swimming, cycling and running challenge to complete 4,735 miles, raising more than £6,000.

Tomorrow marks the third anniversary of the death of Kevin O’Mahoney, the inspiration for In Kev’s Memory.

Kev, a construction contractor, drummer, and rock music enthusiast suffered from balance problems all his life, but was diagnosed in February 2018 with an aggressive tumour near his brainstem.

He died the following year leaving wife Annette and their two daughters Paige, 22 and Eve, 20.

Annette, who met Kev when she was just 18 and had more than 32 years with him before he died, said: “Losing Kevin to a brain tumour was the worst thing I’ve ever gone through. It was a vile journey and I never anticipated being a widow at 50 years old. I didn’t know it was possible to feel this sad … We were looking forward to a happy retirement together.”

Last year Kev’s brother Ges walked 105 miles in six days including 73 miles along the length of Hadrian’s Wall, raising around £2,000.

We are grateful to everyone supporting Lydia’s Wish and In Kev’s Memory for their help in raising funds to improve outcomes for brain tumour patients and ultimately to find a cure so that families no longer face the agony of losing loved ones to this devastating disease.

To donate in memory of Lydia or Kev go to and add Lydia’s Wish or In Kev’s Memory as your reason for supporting us.

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