Cancer APPG Chairs write to PM

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This week the Chairs and Co-Chairs of six cancer-related APPGs have written to Boris Johnson supporting the #OneCancerVoice plan to recover cancer services, highlighting  the devastating impact that Covid-19 has had on them, and imploring him to consider the ‘12-Point Plan to recovery’ set out by leaders across the cancer sector and backed by 24 cancer charities ( including Brain Tumour Research) which was reported in our latest news post on Monday (see here.)

Derek Thomas MP the Chair of the APPG on brain tumours was a co-signatory to this letter which said “As the Chairs of 6 All-Party Parliamentary Groups related to cancer, we firmly believe that despite Covid-19, cancer outcomes in this country can improve and catch up with others in the world. But making this happen will require support from the highest levels of Government. Without a clear national vision and plan, progress on cancer survival could stall.”

As always Brain Tumour Research stands alongside other cancer charities in a collaborative spirit, we engage with politicians, policy makers and influencers and we drive the agenda of brain tumour patients and the need for research forward because research provides hope and patients need hope – we are therefore a frontline service. This is at the core of Brain Tumour Research – a research funding and campaigning charity.

APPG joint letter to Prime Minister, Boris Johnson:

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