brainstrust helps you thrive this Christmas

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Christmas can present a unique set of challenges for people living with a brain tumour and their loved ones. To help those affected cope with the challenges of the festive season, our Member Charity brainstrust has written a helpful piece on how doing less, but doing it better, can help you negotiate Christmas.

Every year brainstrust pulls together some thoughts about how to survive Christmas. The charity has written in the past about connecting with the community, making plans and sticking to them, being comfortable in your own skin and saying when enough is enough.

This Christmas, brainstrust is urging patients and families to “do one thing” which will help them “thrive”.

“If you try to do it all, you will fail. And you will feel bad. You will crash mentally, physically and emotionally. So do less, but do it better.”

Read the full piece and find out how you can do less, but do it better:

brainstrust’s support services will remain open throughout the festive season for anyone who needs them. Call the charity on 01983 292405, email or visit:

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