Brain tumour theme central to new play

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Described by Buzz Magazine as aninsightful and sensitive look at the subject of death, cancer and love”, ‘Don’t Send Flowers’ is a new opening at the White Bear Theatre in London this month.

Written by Emily Garside and produced by Olivia Burgin, it is an emotional piece centring on three characters who are in therapy for different reasons. The characters, who meet in the waiting room of their therapist, include Joanne who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Brain Tumour Research has supported the production in its desire to be as authentic as possible in the brain tumour portrayal and have connected the team to a clinician at one of our research centres. Olivia said: “The brain tumour angle is a driving theme in the play depicting Joanne in the late stages of brain cancer, up to her death. We have worked with several experts on the portrayal and the pacing of the cancer, it is really important to us that the clinical side of the disease was shown with honesty without being sensationalist. Prior to working on this piece, I now realise, I knew so little about this devastating disease and the disproportionate effect it has on younger people due to it being indiscriminate. I am sure I speak for everyone concerned with the production when I say we fully support the vision of Brain Tumour Research in seeking a cure for brain tumours and we hope our play will help to raise awareness and also to motivate people to campaign and fundraise. Clearly we all need to do more because the current situation for those diagnosed with this disease is intolerable.”

For more information and to buy tickets visit't-Send-Flowers

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