Brain Tumour Research is making an impact

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To mark the start of British Science Week, Brain Tumour Research is sharing how the research the charity is funding is making an impact.

Thanks to the fundraising efforts, donations, campaigning and awareness raising of its supporters, the charity has been able to fund some significant breakthroughs at its UK Centres of Excellence this year.

In a blog published on our website today, our Director of Research, Policy and Innovation, Dr Karen Noble, shares the progress being made at our Research Centres at the University of Plymouth, Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College, London. Karen details the recent significant discoveries made by our pioneering research teams, including breakthroughs which could impact glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), low-grade tumours such as meningioma and acoustic neuroma, and paediatric tumours such as medulloblastoma.

In line with the theme of ‘Growth’ this British Science Week, Karen also shares an in-depth update on the progress being made and how supporters can help the charity in continuing to build its research capacity in order to make further discoveries that will improve outcomes and treatments and, ultimately, find a cure

To read our blog ‘British Science Week: Our research impact’, click here.

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