APPGBT recognises Amani’s legacy of change

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Brain Tumour Research returns to Westminster this afternoon for a meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Brain Tumours (APPGBT)

At today’s meeting, attendees will hear from the parents of Amani Liaquat, who will share their daughter’s story and her legacy of change, alongside Amani’s clinical team. 

Amani was just 23 when she passed away from a glioblastoma (GBM) in February 2022. During her 22-month battle, Amani undertook numerous fundraising and campaigning activities, including organising Luton’s first ever Walk of Hope and setting up the Fight4Hope Fundraising Group. 

Since losing their beloved daughter, Amani’s parents, Yasmin Stannard and Khuram Liaquat, have continued their steadfast campaigning alongside Brain Tumour Research. Last month, Khuram (pictured centre) met with Health Minister Will Quince, along with their MP and APPGBT Officer, Sarah Owen, and earlier in July, Yasmin shared Amani’s story with London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, at an Eid reception at Parliament. 

Alongside Amani’s parents, attendees at the APPGBT meeting will hear from Amani’s Neuro-oncologists, Dr Anup Vinayan and Dr Thomas Carter, and her Clinical Nurse Specialist, Tanya Betts. 

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