APPGBT Inquiry starts on pathway to a cure

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Today, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Brain Tumours (APPGBT) held the first oral evidence session of its inquiry ‘Pathway to a Cure – breaking down the barriers’

The inquiry was established to identify solutions to blockages that affect the ability of the scientific and clinical communities to advance options for, and the outcomes of, those affected by this devastating disease.

Today’s session looked at the Government response to calls for greater research funding over the past five years to understand where we are now. Presentations came from Dr Nicky Huskens from the Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission (TJBCM), sharing evidence it has gathered from the Centre of Excellence applications regarding research at its Centres, and from the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) brain cancer group reflecting on the last five years, on the current funding landscape and on what it believes needs to happen from a joined-up funding perspective to move brain tumour research forward.

The Chair of the APPGBT Derek Thomas MP (pictured) led fellow Parliamentarians to ask questions of the researchers in attendance as the MPs grow the knowledge base that will deliver a report in early 2023.

Further evidence will be gathered in written form and at oral evidence sessions attended by researchers, clinicians, funders, industry, and patients and the inquiry panel of Parliamentarians will continue to listen, and to question and to drive the agenda further down the pathway to a cure.


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