Amani is saying #NoMore to brain tumours

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This week we will be sharing the stories of the brain tumour patients and families who have lost a loved one to the disease who are starring in our campaign to Stop the Devastation.

Amani Liaquat had graduated with a first-class degree in law and was looking forward to taking a Masters in social work when she collapsed with a seizure on her 22nd birthday in April 2020. Her diagnosis – grade 4 glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) – is the most common primary malignant brain tumour in adults carrying with it an average prognosis of 12 to 18 months.

Faced with extremely limited treatment options in the UK, Amani and her family set about crowdfunding and, thanks to the generosity of family, friends and their community, quickly raised £100,000.

She said: “The location and mutation of my tumour mean it’s inoperable and incurable. I am blessed that with the money raised I can purchase a trial drug from Germany which has shown promising results for some with the same mutation as me, H3K27. My life has fallen apart in the blink of an eye. It’s unfair and I am angry that so little investment has gone into this disease, particularly as it affects so many young people just like me who should have their whole lives ahead of them.”

Determined to raise awareness, Amani has launched her own podcast Chat2Amani. In this week’s episode, she has shared some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from when she filmed the Stop the Devastation campaign video. Click here to watch.

Visit our Stop the Devastation webpage to watch our hard-hitting, 30-second campaign film, read more about the inspiring supporters sharing their stories, and find out how you can help support our #NoMore social media campaign. 

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