£1.5 million for clinical research brings new hope in the fight against brain tumours

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We are pleased to announce that a £1.5 million grant from the Barts Charity has been awarded to brain tumour expert Silvia Marino who leads our Centre of Excellence at Queen Mary University of London.

The grant aims to support Professor Silvia Marino’s work – identifying and developing new drugs that can ‘switch off’ brain cancer stem cells that control tumour growth – over the next five years.

This funding will be used to create the infrastructure at Barts Health NHS Trust that will significantly enhance the research at our Centre and allow the team to run clinical trials with brain tumour patients.

Professor Marino said: “To be able to build on the foundations established by Brain Tumour Research enables us not just to continue but to grow our research capabilities and invest more resource into finding answers to questions about how tumours develop and what new drugs can we discover to stop them. It’s an exciting time and will allow us to move faster from the bench to the bedside, offering more experimental treatments to patients.”

We are proud to have provided the seed funding for this vital research and we have always been clear on our aim to stimulate further research by attracting new funders.

This grant by The Barts Charity represents an important step towards increasing the national investment for research into brain tumours to £30 - £35 million a year and brings hope to the thousands of patients diagnosed with a brain tumour each year, as well as their families.

With your help, we plan to invest further £millions into the vital research here over the next five years.

Pictured Silvia Marino (left) and Alexandra Hicken, Barts charity Grants adviser.

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