I want to raise money for your charity but am concerned that it will be used to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds for the salary of your Chief Executive?

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Having lost her sister’s little girl to a brain tumour at the age of seven in 2001 and having co-founded Brain Tumour Research, Sue our Chief Executive is passionate about her role.

As Chief Executive, Sue is committed to delivering the vision of the charity and ensures that as much of the money raised as possible is invested into brain tumour research at our three Centres of Excellence as well as campaigning to raise awareness to increase the national investment in brain tumour research and get us closer to a cure

Sue does not lead the charity for financial gain and is not paid a six-figure sum. What’s more she often donates to the cause herself through both her own fundraising activities and by donating to some of our supporters on their JustGiving pages.

Our costs, including remuneration details for the Leadership Team, are publicly available in our Annual Report and Accounts.

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