World spotlight on brain tumours as summit underway in Maryland

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Today sees the beginning of the fourth Biennial World Summit of Brain Tumour Patient Advocates and Brain Tumour Research is proud to take its seat at the table, as it has done for the previous three. 

This event is presented by the International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA), a UK based campaigning charity founded by the inspirational Kathy Oliver, supported by her husband Gordon. The couple’s son, Colin, was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2004 when he was 24 and passed away, at age 32, in August 2011.  Kathy cites her son’s “incredible courage, determination and fortitude” as the driving force and inspiration behind her involvement in the international brain tumour and rare cancer community.

The location for the three-day event is the National Cancer Institute (NCI), in Maryland, the U.S. government's principal agency for cancer research.

The ethos behind the meeting remains “Bridging our communities across the globe … building progress … building hope”.

Delegates will hear updates on surgical approaches and radiation oncology, the latest information on immunotherapy and rehabilitation and will come away with a greater understanding of what is unique and what is common between those diagnosed with brain tumours across the globe. 

An inspiring mix of international patients, families, clinicians and scientists will meet, debate, and challenge, all with the agreed purpose of improving patient options, outcomes and the journey from diagnosis.

Brain Tumour Research will be tweeting from the event so please log in for updates on what is happening at this wonderful event for our community around the world.

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