Wear A Hat Day is just around the corner

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There’s just one week to go until we don our hats for one of the UK’s best-loved brain tumour awareness and fundraising events.

This year, Wear A Hat Day is paying tribute to key worker families who have played a pivotal role throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the stars of our campaign is postman Matt Shanley, who is taking part with his wife Julie, who works in Thames Valley Police control room. Matt was diagnosed with a rare subependymoma brain tumour in 2018 and lives with the life-changing effects of surgery.

He said: “I underwent surgery to remove the tumour but it has left me with sight loss which makes it very difficult when I am in unfamiliar places and prevents me from driving. I also have memory issues, weakness down my left side, fatigue and suffer with debilitating seizures, which sometimes mean I end up back in hospital.”

Julie added: “People often say how well Matt looks, but they don’t know what he has to contend with, having lost his driving licence and therefore his independence when he became partially sighted.

“We were both shocked to discover the stats about brain tumours and how low funding into research actually is. It’s disgusting that they don’t warrant more investment. Even people with low-grade or slow-growing brain tumours can suffer life-changing side effects.”

There’s still time to register to join in the fun on Friday 26th March and raise lots of money to help get us closer to help fund our vital work to find a cure for brain tumours.

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