Brain Tumour Research welcomes commitment to the funding of clinical trials for cancer treatment

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Cancer Research UK has announced that £45 million will be invested into its network of clinical trials units across the UK, one of the charity’s largest investments in clinical research to date.

Clinical trials are the only way to find out if a new treatment is safe to use, and if it’s better than existing treatments. Hence, this investment is essential for better future options for patients.

Professor Charles Swanton, Cancer Research UK’s chief clinician, said: “Our clinical research enables us to translate discoveries from the lab in order to improve cancer diagnostics and treatments, giving more patients the best chance of beating their disease.

“This is particularly important for patients with hard to treat cancers, including pancreatic, oesophageal, lung and brain tumours, where options for treatment are limited and survival rates remain poor.”

Brain Tumour Research welcomes this announcement and hopes that some of the clinical trials will be focused on brain tumours as this is clearly a priority area of research development.

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