Charmaine’s challenge to find a cure

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A woman who lost her brother-in-law to a brain tumour, and has recently learnt a friend has been diagnosed with the devastating disease, is taking part in our 100 a Day Your Way in November campaign to help raise vital funds for research.

Charmaine (pictured with husband Neil) said her brother-in-law Janitha “suffered for years before he passed away. He lost his speech and fought for every minute of his life by the end, the poor man. Because of his suffering, my family and I prayed that God would take him, but it was still a shock when he died. It really was a terrible time.”

Tragically, 18 months after Janitha died, aged 39, his wife, Charmaine’s sister Michelle, was murdered. Charmaine was hospitalised after the two family deaths and has struggled with her mental health since. She hopes that 100 a Day Your Way will help to enhance her wellbeing.

She said: “I suffer with sciatica, which causes me pain in my lower back, hip and legs, so I will do the challenge with some difficulty by walking, swimming and doing squats.

“Raising money and awareness for Brain Tumour Research is my way of staying positive and will allow me to use exercise as a positive outlet for my mental health.”

It’s not too late to sign up to 100 a Day Your Way which runs throughout November. Choose from five exercises: squats, star jumps, sit ups, push ups or a plank, or do a combination of them all, and aim to achieve 100 reps per day. Or choose a different exercise to suit you. Do all your reps together or spread them out throughout the day. It’s your challenge, your way!

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