Urgent investment for brain tumour research is still needed

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Cancer Research UK (CRUK) released annual investment figures showing a total of £413 million given to cancer research for the year ending March 2018. This announcement shows no change to the £13 million spent on research into brain tumours in their previous financial year.

Research into brain tumours represented just 3% of their total national spend, compared to 5% for leukaemia and 11% for breast cancer.

Earlier this year, CRUK pledged to spend an additional £25 million over the next 5 to 7 years (£3.6m to £5m a year) on research into brain tumours and have invited applications from researchers. Watch this space for further news and developments.

Our Chief Executive Sue Farrington Smith said: ”We are taking significant steps in our journey toward a cure. Our campaigning work is helping influence significant change in the awareness of the importance of sustainable research. However, our community deserves the £30-35 million a year research funding needed to make a real difference.”

Our mission is to build a pioneering network of experts in sustainable brain tumour research and we need your help now more than ever. Please continue to support our vital work at our dedicated Research Centres of Excellence so that we can keep the research going and find curative treatments for all types of brain tumours - please donate now.
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