New funding boost for GBM therapy

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QV Bioelectronics – a medical device start-up pioneering a first of its kind electric field therapy implant for glioblastoma multiforme – has announced it has received significant funding support through a recently completed seed investment round to advance the development of its innovative GRACE implant.

The GRACE implant will aim to deliver electric therapy to prevent cancer cell division and slow tumour growth.

Although this treatment approach remains highly experimental, and there is still much development work to be done, the team believes that it can have the potential to significantly improve treatment outcomes and quality of life for glioblastoma patients.

Academic registrar neurosurgeon, co-founder & clinical director, Mr Richard Fu said: “We believe that our implanted electric field therapy approach with the GRACE device has the potential to precisely target microscopic cancer cells that remain along the resection margins after tumour resection surgery. Such cells are too often the cause of tumour recurrence and available treatments to date have had limited success in treating them effectively.

“We are therefore grateful for the support that we’ve received to date from various government funding agencies, investors and clinicians whom we continue to work closely with to help us translate this device to the clinic, for what we hope to be meaningfully improved treatment outcomes for glioblastoma patients. With this most recent funding support we are one step closer.”

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