NCRI to wind down

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Brain Tumour Research is sad to learn that the NCRI – the National Cancer Research Institute – is to wind down. The charity is proud to have been a partner of the organisation which, for the past 22 years, has worked to deliver better outcomes for all those affected by cancer throughout the UK and beyond.

Its brief included identifying and addressing gaps in cancer research and guarding against expensive and unnecessary duplication of effort and searching tirelessly for new ways and means to accelerate the progress of cancer research.

In a letter to members, NCRI Chair Fiona Driscoll explained that, since its inception, the cancer research landscape had matured significantly and it was proud that many of the original purposes of the NCRI had been achieved or taken over as business as usual by its partners.

She added that uncertainty in the wider economic and research environment had had an impact and that a consultation with stakeholders had identified a compelling set of priorities but had raised significant questions around “the sustainability of NCRI’s operating and funding model, which we have not been able to resolve in such a way which would deliver long term viability for the organisation.”

Brain Tumour Research Chief Executive, Sue Farrington Smith MBE said: “This is a sad loss to the cancer world and thoughts are with the workforce who will be affected by this announcement.

“The charity has placed great value on being an NCRI partner and contributing to the vital work it has done in helping to influence strategy, avoid duplication, foster an understanding of the work other charities are undertaking and in bringing together the cancer community.

“We look forward to learning more about how this important work will be undertaken in the future in order to give an equal voice to all partners and provide transparency around the national investment in brain tumour research.”


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