“What have I done to deserve this?” – Jill tells her story

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Jill Kenton had the shock of her life when, after experiencing relatively minor symptoms, she was diagnosed with a left spheroid wing intraosseous meningioma in November 2021.

Reeling from her diagnosis and facing invasive surgery to remove the growth, she made her will and, as she packed away the Christmas decorations, she included poignant notes to her daughter Rachel and partner Paul, who she feared would be decorating the house without her this December.

“I really didn’t think I was going to survive and I was saying goodbye,” she said. “The operation was high risk as the tumour is right behind my eye. I became deeply withdrawn and extremely anxious, hardly able to leave the house. But once I decided to seek a second opinion and to delay surgery things started to change. It felt as if I had regained control and was getting my life back.”

Now, Jill is working with us to highlight the issues around the lack of investment in research into brain tumours. She is urging people to donate what they can this Christmas.

She added: “The simple fact is, if there isn’t significant investment in research to improve treatment options and help find a cure, the outlook for me and so many others could remain bleak.”

To donate inspired by Jill's story, please click here.

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