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US research has revealed that black and Hispanic paediatric patients with brain cancer experienced worse outcomes than their white counterparts as racial disparities in brain cancer outcomes are revealed

From the National Cancer Institute comes interesting and thoughtful considerations for improving clinical trials by tracking patient outcomes

This is one for the scientists in the group – from SNO comes new understandings of gliomas in children and adults with NF1

 This isn’t just a development for brain tumours but also breast, colon, liver, pancreatic and  head and neck cancers. Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have developed a new imaging agent that illuminates the cells surrounding cancerous tumours  This could help doctors identify, not only multiple types of tumours, but the surrounding normal cells that the cancer takes over and uses as a shield to protect itself from attempts to destroy it.

What are the Neuro-Oncology Branch at US Centre for Cancer Research up to? You can find out here

In case you missed it on our website last week here’s a blog piece from Nick Perkins from our Public Affairs team who has been working with Mobile UK to report on the most recent research into 5G and Brain Tumours

Finally Medical News Today has been rebranded and is easy to read and informative – highly recommended for cancer and neuroscience articles and of course latest updates on COVID -19

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